Do you really LOVE YOURSELF?

This is an ongoing question that some of us has never thought of or might even struggle sometimes to find the answer.

Life is so hard at times and will keep challenging you. As life goes on, each of us, end up playing a different role in his location. Meeting people, taking critical decisions, and going through a lot of experiences, some are great, and others are not.  In fact, this is considered a blessing…. All of the challenges we face in life are lessons! Each and every one of them teaches us something profound.

After decades of self-inquiry and going on a soul journey to better understand my experiences in life. After a lot of soul searching, learning, and growing I can honestly say I love myself. I’m at a place in life that I love myself immensely. And it feels great. I love life and life is loving me back.

I strongly believe that “Energy flows where attention goes” … It’s all energy. Whatever I put out there comes back. That same frequency will meet me where I am. If I’m sad another sad person appears. If I’m happy, well there’s someone right within an earshot who at this very moment is matching that same frequency also. Things are not mere coincidences. We must become existentialist and see all the beauty in life and all our own magnificence. And when we do and try to think positively in all situations, everything changes.

When you begin understanding life deeply you understand that LOVE is everything, and without SELF-LOVE how do I LOVE anyone else? It’s not possible. What is possible is you deciding you are so worthy of LOVE. And first and foremost, you are worthy of your own LOVE. You owe it to YOURSELF, to honor YOURSELF and give it some love and appreciation. This is what will fulfill you.

LOVE YOURSELF so much. Teach yourself every day to do better and be a better version of you. Pamper YOURSELF with things that you like, laugh, play, buy something new, meet friends, keep your body and soul fit all the time. Try entertaining YOURSELF as much as possible. Give yourself time for peace of mind and the list goes on…

You are in this world, to be your most awesome you. So, LOVE YOURSELF a lot. Know your own strength, beauty & magic. Trust me, it’s powerful; Own it & Rock it.

After all who else is going to LOVE YOU as much as you can?!Only you.

And this is when it starts getting awesome! You got this?!

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