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MEA Award Winner

Prestigious MEA Award Winner: Turbans and Fashions—Most Fashionable Women’s Head Covering Brand, UAE


It’s time to celebrate. Our commitment to quality and dedication to serving our customers with nothing less than best has paid off. It’s a proud moment for Team Turbans & Fashion and all the loyal customers to present ourselves as the MEA Award Winners of the Most Fashionable Women’s Head Covering Brand. Yes, your very own fashion brand, Turbans & Fashion, has won the most prestigious and well-known MEA Business Awards hosted by MEA Markets. This acknowledgment of our hard work and commitment has encouraged us to work even harder for bigger future achievements.

The Business Award is authentic and credible, celebrating and honoring the prospering talents across the Middle East region’s modern business forefront. Being one of the most powerful and influential regions in the world’s corporate landscape, it is challenging to make your brand stand out in a highly competitive environment in the Middle East. The MEA Business Award judges the nominations on multiple levels. Regardless of the business’s size, MEA Markets has formulated judgment criteria to ensure that judgment is made purely on merit. MEA Award Winners are selected after transparent, fair, and balanced scrutiny, assessing sustained or rapid business growth, business performance, longevity, and meaningful innovation or feedback. Winning MEA Business Award 2020 is a tremendous achievement since it endorses the strengths and acumen of Turbans & Fashion as a specialist in women’s turbans. It also approves our brand as the key player within the Middle East fashion industry.

Starting from searching for a turban store to getting acknowledged as one of the best women’s turbans and fashionable women head covering brands, we have come a long way. But we believe it’s just the beginning for us and our commitment and enthusiasm to offer our clients an amazing alternative to buying hijab online, which Is not just modern and trendy but extraordinarily comfortable. After a lot of trial and error, moments of small successes, voila moments, and not-so-happy moments, we were nominated and later chosen as the leader in the business industry in the Middle East. Our extensive and captivating collection of trendy head-covers, clothing, scarves, modest accessories, and praying clothes for modern ladies. It’s not just our honor, but this award belongs to all of our loyal customers. We have always aspired to claim ourselves as one of the most fashionable women head covering brands in the Middle East. We respect the choice of women who opt to cover their heads and strive hard to provide them with the liberty to remain respectful to themselves, their cultural norms, and personal beliefs. We offer you to buy a hijab online and stand out in the crowd with all the confidence.

Winning MEA Business Award 2020 has fueled our commitment to keeping bringing fashionable and amazing hijabs, women’s turbans, scarves, and modest clothing at your doorstep worldwide at an incredible page tag. We thank all of you from the core of our heart for making Turbans & Fashion a success story in the Middle East and get us recognized by the MEA Business Award 2020. Thanks again!

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