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We are online!!! After 5 years of serving our customers offline, we’ve just launched our website and online shopfront. On this occasion, a warm welcome to you from me and the Turbans & Fashion family who are literally my family and friends and the main reason for starting this business..

Back in 2015, I was looking for functional yet stylish alternatives for the women’s headcover. Ladies’ turbans were not in fashion, and they were not to be found anywhere except some high-end designer stores where we’d have to burn a huge hole in our pockets to buy a turban. So we started making turbans for ourselves and were flaunting them as much as we liked. It was really smart looking and also, hardly anyone else wore turbans and definitely not such gorgeous ones. Wherever we went, people started asking us where we got these turbans, and whether we could make some for them as well! It was such a happy feeling and really exciting. Turbans & Fashion took off from there as a small shop in Dubai Festival City.

More than exciting, it was satisfying to see that something we made for ourselves was catching on with others. We were putting in a lot of hard work to offer high-quality turbans, scarves, clothing, prayer dresses, traditional head-covers, and a few other things. And it seemed the hard work was paying off.

Personally I loved the turban because of how I can just put it on without having to spend time to get it right and fiddle with it throughout the day. The convenience of it was great. But over time, it became apparent that love came from more than convenience.

What women wear – the world can’t stop talking about it and weaving controversies around it. Women’s head-cover is perhaps the most discussed of them all. For a head-covered woman, being able to make fashion choices that are respectful to herself, her culture and personal beliefs is a feeling that is liberating, to say the least. Personally, I have seen and experienced situations where a woman can’t have it either way. Whether you are wearing a headcover or not, someone or the other will treat you differently or will at least have something to say about it. These situations made me think, and discuss with others, about what it all means.

What I realized is that, as a woman (and not just as a head-covered woman), the only way I can be at peace with what the world has to say about what I wear, is if I can be at peace with what I wear. To find that peace, I must know fully, who I am as an individual and in relation to the world. What I wear then, is merely an expression of who I am, and staying true to it. It’s just about being myself.

In a way, Turbans & Fashion was born out of a search for this belief, but it’s only in the journey of running the business that I realized it and found out who I am. You can read more about it in Our Story.

In our small way, we at Turbans & Fashion hope to spread the beautiful message of “be yourself” through our products, our blog and social media.

A bit about our products. For the launch of the online store, we have a range of close to 150 gorgeous turbans, all hand-sewn, made of high-quality fabrics and embellishments, and perfect finish. The turban designs and fits are painstakingly perfected over 5 years based on feedback from customers, and a lot of trial and error to finally arrive at the products we are proud to showcase here. What’s special about them is the unique shape. It doesn’t compress your hair making it look like you’re wearing a beanie on a cold day. It looks like an elegant head-cover that complements your attire perfectly. It was a bit hard to get it exactly right but we nailed it.

All turbans are One Size Fits All, you just need to put it on without any pins or fiddling, and it’s done in a minute. There are different styles – plain or printed turbans, turbans with pearls on them, a few turban and collar sets, multiway turbans that can be worn in 6 styles, turbans with bows if you fancy them. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding the rest of our products like scarves, burkinis, hijabs, prayer dresses, prayer mats, and more accessories for head-covered women.

Do go through our store and if you like our collection, help us spread the word.

And stay tuned for more updates on fashion, life, inspiration, fun and everything under the sun.

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I love all the designs & the materials it is very unique

Thank you for your words, we hope you enjoyed your visit to our website

Hello 🙂 Your post is very brilliant and fascinated, I like the idea and conception. I retargeting main address for all friends… 🙂 Thanks!

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Klasyczne Pianino

I love the theme youre using in your blog Im so grateful with this post and thank you a lot for sharing it with us. Will definately keep close track of these pages.

Everything is very open with a precise clarification of the challenges.
It was truly informative. Your site is useful.

Thank you for sharing!

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